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A website is much more than the simple 'look and feel of the design and needs to perform a range of important communication functions. Community Creative website features provide a direct and tangible benefit to your organisation's communications and social inclusion strategy.

The key benefits of a Community Creative website include:

Website Management System

The Community Creative Website Management system allows you to fully control your website and its content. Adding new pages and articles to your website is as easy as writing a document in your word processing package. Our system allows you to:

  • Add, Edit and Delete
  • Add, Edit, Delete and Re-Arrange the menus on your Website
  • Upload Photos, Videos and Audio and add them to your Website

Some companies will charge you to add new pages and multimedia content to your website however with a Community Creative website your site can be as big as or as small as you desire.

Online Donations System

Every community organisation needs to receive revenue from your donor group and an effective web site with a trusted online payments mechanism can yield significant benefits to your fundraising program. Community Creative has partnered with PayPal to provide a simple donations collection system for our clients. By accepting PayPal, your organisation can;

  • Reduce the effort and risks involved in collecting donations
  • Reduce processing expenses while possibly increasing revenues
  • Offer a familiar online checkout process in PayPal
  • Easily sell merchandise or conduct fundraising activities online
  • Provide donors with a fast and safer way to pay online, without sharing their financial information
  • Give them a choice of paying by debit/credit card, bank transfer or using their existing PayPal balance.

PayPal is Australia's preferred way to pay online when compared to other online payment systems and individual credit card brands (Nielsen Online Consumer Report 2H 2009), and has more than 5 million accounts in Australia and 200 million accounts worldwide.

Newsletter System

Every Community Creative website comes with the ability to create and send out newsletters to members of your community. Clients are able to manage their newsletter subscribers (people who have agreed to be sent a newsletter) directly through the Newsletter Dashboard. From the Dashboard you are able to:

  • Create and Edit Newsletters
  • Add, Edit and Delete newsletter subscribers
  • Resend confirmation emails to subscribers that have not yet confirmed their subscription
  • PDF Newsletters which can be printed.

Community Creative Members Area

An ever growing library of education and documentation to help you effectively use your Community Creative website. The Members Area covers topics such as:

  • How to update your website
  • How to create and manage newsletters
  • What is Social Media
  • How to use Twitter
  • How to use Facebook
  • Search Engine Optimisation techniques
  • How to get more traffic to your website
  • Blogs and Forums - How to promote community engagement

These are just some of the topics covered; our library of education is constantly growing and is excluse to Community Creative clients.

Free Continual Updates

A Community Creative website is a service, not a website product. This means we will be continually improving and upgrading our systems based upon feedback from you and our other clients. We will also be making sure that we are providing you with the best tools to help with the growth and promotion of your organisation online. All Community Creative clients will receive these continual updates at no additional charge.

Careers Management

No matter whether your organization hires 1 person in a year or 100, a professional online mechanism to advertise positions and manage applications will help you drive higher quality talent to fill your vacancies. Community Creative can provide you with an online career management presence the envy of many recruiters.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of making sure your site has the best possible chance of ranking highly for specific terms in website search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. The Community Creative website service covers all the basic SEO requirements and as previously stated our Community Creative Members Area comes packed with articles and videos on how to further optimise your website to expand your business and improve your search engine rankings.

Social Networking Tools

Over the last 2 years social websites such as Facebook and Twitter have seen an explosion of growth and with over 400 million people using these services daily, they have become an essential communications platform for organisations around the world. We understand that using these websites can be a daunting and frustrating experience, so as a part of our website service we have built tools that provide organisations with the ability to harness the power of social networks from the same online dashboard used to update and edit their website. Currently we have integrated both Facebook and Twitter into our social networking dashboard. As other services become available or more relevant Community Creative will add these to your website and provide you with the tools to access these services in the simplest possible way.

Testimonials and or Sponsors Promotion

One of the most powerful mechanisms organizations can use to promote their business is the use of positive feedback from existing clients. Your Community Creative website can include an eye catching testimonials section that simultaneously promotes your organisation and the organisations that have provided the testimonials. Additionally we have created an exciting mechanism to display and promote your key corporate sponsors right on your home page providing a highly visible and direct "thank you " to your partners.


Community Creative use the services of Rackspace to host all of our client websites. Rackspace is widely considered the world's leader in hosting, currently serving more than 70,000 customers, including over 51,000 cloud computing customers. Rackspace integrates the industry's best technologies for each customer's specific need.

The list of benefits provided by your Community Creative website partnership is long and growing and as we continually update and improve our service offering, you will automatically receive these improvements to your website creating an ongoing partnership benefit.