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Community Creative Website Service

The Community Creative website service has been developed to be precisely that, a service. This unique approach, specifically designed for Community based organisations, differs from the standard web design methodology in that we remain with you as a communications partner.

Our service is not set and forget and offers.

  • Modularity which equates to maintaining a dynamic web sie
  • Quality by means of continous testing and ongoing tailoring from client feedback
  • Currency through a platform that is easy to use so content can be kept up to date
  • A complete list of website features to make your website a powerful communications and marketing tool

The Community Creative website service provides your organisation with a central place to co-ordinate your online fundraising, communication and advocacy efforts. Not just a web site content management system, our Content and Communications system is the hub of a Community Creative website.

From here you are able to:

  • Manage your website site's content (add, edit and delete webpages)
  • View donations made to your organisation
  • Create and send out newsletters / manage newsletter subscribers
  • Connect and educate people through Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage corporate sponsors
  • Post job advertisements and collect applications

Why not get in contact with us today or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to find out how a Community Creative Managed website can help your community organisation.