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Social Networking Tools

Over the last 2 years social websites such as Facebook and Twitter have seen an explosion of growth, with over 400 million people using these services daily they have become an essential communications platform for organisations around the world.

Here at Community Creative we understand that using these websites can be a daunting and frustrating experience, so as a part of our website service we have built tools that provide community organisations with the ability to harness the power of social networks from the same online dashboard used to update and edit their website.

Currently we have integrated both Facebook and Twitter into our social networking dashboard. As other services become available or more relevant to the Community Sector, Community Creative add these to your website and provide you with the tools to access these services in the simplest possible way.

Facebook Integration

The most effective way for an organisation to harness the power of Facebook is to create a public 'Facebook Page'. A Facebook Page is a way for the 400 million Facebook users to find your organisation on Facebook. Once found, a Facebook user can become a "fan" of your organisation, participate in discussions and recommend your page to their friends or other like minded people.

As you can already imagine, a Facebook Page can be an extremely powerful word of mouth tool for community based organisations. By using the in-built Community Creative Facebook tools you are able to:/p>

  • Update your Facebook Page
  • View recent updates made to you Facebook Page
  • Reply to comments and other user interactions
  • Send notifications to your Facebook Page when you create new pages and content on your website

Twitter Integration

Twitter is a communication platform that helps organisations stay connected to their community. You can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your organisation, gather real-time feedback from stakeholders about specific issues or events and build relationships with your community members. With Twitter you can communicate with people across the world who are perhaps coping with the same medical condition or are a refugee or a stakeholder in any other social cause.

The in-built Community Creative Twitter tools allow you to:

  • Post Twitter updates to people following your organisation
  • Replying to 'Tweets' people have sent to you
  • View your private Twitter messages
  • Search Twitter
  • Save Twitter Searches for future monitoring

By building these essential social communications tools into our Content and Communications Platform, we provide you with a central place to manage and grow your organisation online.