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Online Donation System

Fundraising is a vital part of any Community Service organisation's revenue mix and an effective web site with a trusted donation mechanism can yield significant benefits for any fundraising campaign. There is a growing trend amongst Community organisations to reduce their reliance upon the traditional fundraising mechanisms in favour of large scale corporate partnerships. Whilst obviously of considerable merit, this path fails to recognise the tremendous results that can be achieved through the simple, low cost method of online donations.

Donations via PayPal 

Community Creative partners with PayPal to provide a simple payment and fundraising process for Community Service, Not for Profit and Non Government organisations.

By accepting PayPal, your organisation can:

  • Reduce the effort and risks involved in collecting payments
  • Reduce processing expenses while possibly increasing revenues
  • Offer a familiar online checkout process in PayPal
  • Easily sell merchandise or conduct fundraising activities online
  • Provide donors with a fast and safer way to pay online, without sharing their financial information
  • Give them a choice of paying by debit/credit card, bank transfer or using their existing PayPal balance

PayPal is Australia's preferred way to pay online when compared to other online payment systems and individual credit card brands (Nielsen Online Consumer Report 2H 2009), and has more than 5 million accounts in Australia and 200 million accounts worldwide.

Please note; The PayPal service incurs associated fees which are transacted between you and PayPal. Community Creative will only facilitate the integration of the PayPal service into your website. Community Creative is in no way affiliated with PayPal.