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Why have a website?

Most organisations today recognise the need to have an inviting and information on-line presence. Just in case you are not yet convinced, here are some thoughts you might find interesting:

  • The penetration of computers and the internet continues to grow at a rapid pace, in Australia and globally. As of 2009 over 4 in every 5 Australians is on-line. Not so long ago, statistics were collected about the number of homes with a computer, now statistics are collected about the number of computers in each home! As a Community Service, Not For Profit or Non Government organisation, having an on-line mechanism to tell the world who you are and what you do is even more important now as the internet is fast becoming the de facto first source of information gathering by most Australians.

  • An organisation's web site is its window to the world. Much as a retail shop front is designed to be inviting and enticing to attract shoppers, an organisation's web site is designed to achieve the same result. A well designed site can provide your organisation with a very cost effective and efficient mechanism to introduce your service or advocacy to new clients or stakeholders. With a website you can present yourself, your staff and your service clearly and professionally.

  • In the "bricks and mortar" world, a small organisation is very difficult to present as anything other than that, a small enterprise. In the on-line world however, you have the opportunity to present your organisation with the credibility and impact of a much larger entity. This credibility factor can be crucial to engaging new clients and or stakeholders or in the pursuit of funding from benefactors or corporate partners. An unprofessional website will reflect poorly on your perceived professionalism, and worse  not having a website at all can work against you when being compared with the competition and when competing for scarce funding, being at any disadvantage can be financially detrimental.

  • A full featured web site can enable your organisation with the ability to provide information about what services your organisation provides at any time of the day or night. In addition, you can connect with people around the world without concern for time zones or staff costs.

  • It is not just organisations on the web, individuals, clubs and communities are more and more using the internet to communicate and advocate. As just one example, Facebook has now in excess of 400 million users world wide and growing. Community Service, Not for profit and Non Government organisations are more and more using the internet and social networking tools such as Facebook to advocate for and build their communities online.