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Add-on Components

Your Community Creative website comes standard with a host of features however we also supply other features for a small addition to your monthly contract.

Blog System - $5 month

Blogs are an increasingly utilised communication tool and can be an excellent online participation tool for your community. A blog is essentially the creation and publication of short, topical and interesting content relating to issues your organisation may be facing, events or relevant legislative changes that effect your community. A blog can also be as simple as a general topic that may be of interest to people who have an interest in your organisation. Your community members have the ability to participate in discussion around the blog article by using the comments area which is included with the publication (posting) of each message. Many Community and commercial organisations are using blogs to get up to the minute, direct feedback from their stakeholder base via blogging systems.

Discussion Board System - 5 month

Just like noticeboards of old; a Discussion Board can help foster and grow your community. Having a central place for community members to talk together from the comfort of their own home provides an interactive way for people to stay in touch. It also allows people with similar interests from all around to world to take part in your community's discussions and can be an alternative to a Facebook page.