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YouTube Embed Code Changes

Have you noticed recently that you have been having problems posting YouTube videos to your pages or blog?
YouTube has recently changed the code you use to post YouTube videos to your websites, this new method is not yet supported in our Content Management System, but there is a way around this problem.
For those who don't already know how to post YouTube videos to their website here is the process which includes the fix to make YouTube videos work in the Content Management System.
YouTube Steps
  • Find the YouTube video you want to display
  • Click the 'Embed' button underneeth the YouTube videos
  • Click the 'Use old embed code' box
  • Copy the higlighted text
Content Management Steps 
  • Go to the content management system and press the 'YouTube' button on the editor.
  • Paste the 'Embed' code you copied in step 3.
  • Click 'Insert' 
  • The video will now be displayed in your Content
Now you should have a YouTube video in your content which you can then share with your visitors!

Jobsys 2.03 Update

We have just rolled out a small update for the Community Creative Jobsys software the update includes the following changes:

  • Jobsys is now using SQL Server Session state to store authenticated sessions, this should hopefully fix errors received from organisations using roaming profiles. [Jan 13, 2010]

Active Seek Jobs

  • Active Jobs are now organised by date rather than name. [Jan 13, 2010]

Expired Seek Jobs

  • Job that have not been expired now show the date they were published on seek. [Jan 13, 2010]

There is a known intermittent issue when Selecting Salary Ranges please take a few minutes and watch the following screencast on how to work around the problem.
If you have any questions or comments about the update feel free to get in contact.

Welcome to 2011

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas new New Years break.
Everyone at Community Creative back at work refreshed, recharged and ready to really make a difference for Community Service, Not For Profit and Non Government Organisations in 2011.
If you have any questions or comments about what we do; get in contact with us, we're always happy to take your call. 

CMS 1.16 November Update

Later tonight we are going to be rolling out an update to the Content Management System. The update brings a few little useability changes, bug fixes and an overall smoother experience for everyone using it.
Heres a list of the update changes:
- Fixed broken links on Dashboard Main Page.
- Logging out now works properly!

- Added Delete Newsletter Link
- Added Menu Management Links 
- Changed Jobsys Menus - Create, Active, Draft, Expired 
- Added Job Category Management Links 


- Changed email routine over from in-built .net to Chilkat.net email component. 
- Updated ChillKat to registered latest version 


- Fixed the theme on the Newsletter Archive Page, now fits in with the CMS properly.
- Added a Delete Newsletter Page 


- Jobsys has been removed from the Content Management System. View the Jobsys project for updates.

Job Management
- Add Job page allows you to categories jobs 
- Edit Job page allows you to categories jobs
- Created Add/Edit/Delete Job Categories Pages

Menu Management
- Skinned and made active Menu Management, located under the Pages Menu
If you have any questions or queries about any of the above changes feel free to get in contact with us

Getting Started with GWT

The first step in setting up your website in Google's Webmaster Tools is logging in with your personal google account, or creating a new account if you don't have one.

Step 1 - Login or Create Account

On the left hand side of the page you will see a short description of the service, and on the right you will see a login box.
If you already have a Google account use your username and password to login and proceed to the Google Webmaster Tools.
If you don't have an account click 'Create an account now
Click Read More to continue reading...

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides website owners a bunch of tools that allow them to manage their websites visibility in the Google search results. Over the next few days I am going to walk through:
    • Signing up for the Google Webmaster Tools
    • Adding your website for analysis
    • Creating and uploading a Sitemap
    • Understanding Queries, Links and Keywords
    • Optimisation suggestions

Here's a quick video from Google to explain a bit more about Google Webmaster Tools.

Social Media Explained

Here's a great video explaining Social Media / Social Networking sites in plain English.

Twitter 101

Wondering what Twitter is all about? Check out this short video and be amazed at how simple it actually is: