The first step in setting up your website in Google's Webmaster Tools is logging in with your personal google account, or creating a new account if you don't have one.

Step 1 - Login or Create Account

On the left hand side of the page you will see a short description of the service, and on the right you will see a login box.
If you already have a Google account use your username and password to login and proceed to the Google Webmaster Tools.
If you don't have an account click 'Create an account now
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Step 2 - Create an Account (Optional)

If you haven't go a Google account the sign-up process is simple and straight forward.
After you click 'Create an account now' you will be taken to the Google Webmaster Tools account creation page.
Follow the simple steps and create yourself a new account.

After this process is finished, you will then be able to follow the instructions stated in Step 1 and sign in to Google Webmaster Tools. 

The Welcome Screen

Once you press the Sign in button you will be taken to the Google Webmaster Tools overview page. This page shows websites you own that have been entered into Google Webmaster Tools. 
As you have see above I have a few sites already in Google Webmaster Tools, don't worry if what you are looking at has no sites attached to it.  
We will cover how to add your website and how Google Webmaster Tools can help you organisation stay on top of SEO in future blog posts.