Later tonight we are going to be rolling out an update to the Content Management System. The update brings a few little useability changes, bug fixes and an overall smoother experience for everyone using it.
Heres a list of the update changes:
- Fixed broken links on Dashboard Main Page.
- Logging out now works properly!

- Added Delete Newsletter Link
- Added Menu Management Links 
- Changed Jobsys Menus - Create, Active, Draft, Expired 
- Added Job Category Management Links 


- Changed email routine over from in-built .net to email component. 
- Updated ChillKat to registered latest version 


- Fixed the theme on the Newsletter Archive Page, now fits in with the CMS properly.
- Added a Delete Newsletter Page 


- Jobsys has been removed from the Content Management System. View the Jobsys project for updates.

Job Management
- Add Job page allows you to categories jobs 
- Edit Job page allows you to categories jobs
- Created Add/Edit/Delete Job Categories Pages

Menu Management
- Skinned and made active Menu Management, located under the Pages Menu
If you have any questions or queries about any of the above changes feel free to get in contact with us