Have you noticed recently that you have been having problems posting YouTube videos to your pages or blog?
YouTube has recently changed the code you use to post YouTube videos to your websites, this new method is not yet supported in our Content Management System, but there is a way around this problem.
For those who don't already know how to post YouTube videos to their website here is the process which includes the fix to make YouTube videos work in the Content Management System.
YouTube Steps
  • Find the YouTube video you want to display
  • Click the 'Embed' button underneeth the YouTube videos
  • Click the 'Use old embed code' box
  • Copy the higlighted text
Content Management Steps 
  • Go to the content management system and press the 'YouTube' button on the editor.
  • Paste the 'Embed' code you copied in step 3.
  • Click 'Insert' 
  • The video will now be displayed in your Content
Now you should have a YouTube video in your content which you can then share with your visitors!